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Cost of Website Design in Nigeria

The Cost of Website Design in Nigeria can be as low as N50,000 and as high as millions. Web design in Nigeria has evolved and so does its cost. Wanting to know how much it will cost to execute a website design project is normal. Every business or brand in need of a website design sure want to work within budget.

The truth sometimes is that a very reduced cost is what some look out for when considering which web designer to work with. However, the most important factor is the quality of service to be gotten.

This is so because, the more the quality of the services you get, the more your return on investment will. Website designers in Nigeria as well as all over the world cost differently.

Some of the factors that influence how a website designer charge are:

1. Website Designer’s Experience
2. Website Designer’s Portfolio
3. Website Design Company Vs Freelancer
4. Type of Website
5. Location of the Website Designer
6. Web Design Cost Negotiation


Website Designer’s Experience

With the number of years a website developer or website designer has, comes variation in the cost of his services. This doesn’t necessarily connote how expensive a designer would be but it does influence how he charges.

Some website designers started the web design business collecting minimal charges. Some even worked for free at some points. But as time went by and they realized how tedious it is to work with clients most times, they up their charges to make work profitable.

Some website developers who knew in time, how tedious work is started with high charges. But with less clients who are able to afford their services, they sometimes bring down their costs.

Therefore, the cost of web design in Nigeria is inseparable from the experience of the web designers.


Website Designer’s Portfolio

Many website designers in Nigeria have worked with high earn clients who are in continual work relationship with them. So for such website designers in Nigeria, there might not really be the hunger for new clients.

Hence, they can choose to keep their charges high. This ensures that they have less clientele but quality time for each of them. Invariably, they give quality time to the few clients they have and get quality pay. So, the portfolio of web designers in Nigeria often affect their cost for web design projects.

Web Design Company Vs Freelancer

Website designers in Nigeria can be grouped into two categories. First is the category of those working as freelancers. Second is the category of those working for web design companies.

The cost of web design in Nigeria depends largely on these categories. Web design companies usually have a lot to charge for compared to freelancers. A freelancer by the way is in this context, an individual who offer website design services.

While a Web design company is a registered corporate body that offers website design services. Web design companies employs web designers for the purpose of helping out on web design projects.

So, what it will cost a client to develop an eCommerce website with a freelancer might be low. But, with a web design company, the charges would most likely be high.

Type of website

Building a website like Facebook will definitely cost more than building a konga kind of website. Building eCommerce websites with great functionalities require good budget. In the same vein, developing corporate websites with awesome features require good budget.

Location of the Website Designer

Location is another factor that affects the cost of website design in Nigeria. Just as all the other factors above are influential on the cost of website design projects, the location of the website designer, website developer or web design company is also important.

Web Design Cost Negotiation

In reality, negotiation and mutual compromise is a part of business in Nigeria. Prices of services and even products are not always rigid or fixed. This applies to website design services as well.

Most website designers and website design companies in Nigeria will expect you to bargain or negotiate. And of course that is the reason for their initial costs. But you will need to be reasonable in your negotiation though, because there are other factors that are also in play.

So how really can you know how much to prepare for your website design project? The first thing is to determine what your website is meant for. Determine the information that you want to put on your website.

And then make up your mind on the level of quality that you want on your website. Once all these are settled, you can then go online to search for a website designer or a website design company online.

In Conclusion

To ensure that you get good quality for your money however, make out time to check the portfolio of whoever to intend to work with. Checking a web designer’s portfolio ahead helps you prepare your mind as regards cost.

This is because, a designer’s level of experience is usually reflected on his works. And with experience, comes quality and then commensurate charge for services.

In reality, web design in Nigeria can cost N5,000, N20,000, N50,000, N100,000 and even over N5,000,000. It all depends on whom you are working with, what your website is meant for; the features and functionalities expected, the experience of the web designer and of course, your negotiation skills.

When working with an experienced website designer or website design company in Nigeria, you can be sure to have value for your money. So be willing to pay well for quality. Insisting on paying way low could push you to website designers who will make you spend less to get a crappy website. And in the long run spend much more to eventually get it right.

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